Propozal automates proposal & contract creation
Propozal gives your sales team back 20% of their time
Propozal helps your sales team close deals 10x faster
Propozal helps your sales team achieve more with less
Propozal removes errors from proposals & contracts

Propozal takes the pain out of proposal & contract creation.

So your sales teams can focus on what matters most: finding prospects, educating them and selling to them!

Propozal Helps Your Sales Teams

Save Time

Time is your company's most valuable asset and your sales team have a limited amount of time to achieve your company's goals. Propozal saves your team 20% of their time by creating proposals/contracts in seconds

Close Deals Faster

Your clients want that proposal yesterday (if you know, you know!). Impress them and stand out from your competitors by getting proposals to them faster than the rest!

Get That Coveted 'Yes'

When a client asks you for a proposal, there's always a (small) risk that they may change their mind (budget cuts/change of plan etc). The more time you give them, the higher the chance that this can happen. Use Propozal to send proposals out instantly. Whilst your customers are aligned, excited and have your budget secured!

Focus on What Matters

Propozal allows your sales teams to ditch the administrative work of 'building proposals' and 'completing contracts' so they can focus on what they do best: educating customers, selling to them, closing deals and most importantly growing your business!

Achieve More With Less

Propozal gives your team lots of time back. Now imagine what your sales team can do with that time? How many more emails can be sent, how many demos can be booked, how many more deals closed. Even one extra project per employee can take your business to the next level

Eliminate Human Error

We're all human and tight deadlines and high pressure at work can cause even the best of us to make mistakes. Propozal eliminates human error so you can be confident clients are seeing the correct info and paying the right amounts for your services

Centralise Your Proposal Library

Centralise all your proposal and contract documentation. Make all uploads/changes from within Propozal so everyone has access to the latest material and isn't using old content/old pricing or wasting time searching for 'the latest version of this or that file'.

Visualise Pipeline Health

Proposals are the best way to assess the direction and health of your revenue pipeline.Our out-of-the-box reporting (see below) puts all the key metrics you need at your fingertips, with just one click

Meet & Exceed Revenue Targets

Never miss a revenue target again. Expedite proposal approval and budget awarding/PO arrival so your business can recognize revenue ASAP. Take pride in the fact that your sales team are operating at maximum efficiency

Ready for your sales team to reach their full potential?

Automate ALL document generation work your sales team needs


Incredible Features. Beautiful Interface.

Propozal Reports Section


Finally, pricing that won't break the bank! Pricing below is for our first (Visionary) 100 customers only!

The Visionary Package

For any organization interested in elevating their sales team to the next level

$ 150 /month/user

50% off for first 100 Customers (normal price $300/user/month)


Free Initial Consultation

Dedicated Account Director to support with system setup

3 training sessions to onboard your team

Account Management Support for 12 months

Price-lock for 24 months!

Access to latest functionality at no extra cost

Ability to customise your system with additional functionality 

Take your sales team to the next level with a free, no-obligation, 15-30min consultation